Standard and Custom-tailored Programs

We offer standard and custom-tailored or designed programs to build the skills of novice gun handlers, or sharpen the skills of veteran

Patriot Training and Consulting is a National Rifle Association Business Alliance Member. 

Any courses you don’t see listed… contact us and inquire!

Regardless of your skill level, you will leave our training having made yourself better! 

All firearms classes require you to provide eye and ear protection, ball cap with a visor, inclement weather gear (no ponchos), and note-taking materials.

Legal Foundations

This is a four-hour classroom course that will introduce the civilian to relevant laws, and case law, that govern the objectively reasonable use of force in self-defense.  
Cost:  $95.00

Prerequisite:  None

Pepper Spray

Also known as “OC spray”, this 5-hour course will instruct the student in the history, use, and decontamination of pepper spray in accordance with the Patriot Training Lesson Plan.  This is a perfect course for people who want an option to defend themselves without using or handling firearms.

Cost: 95.00

Prerequisite:  None

Introduction to Firearms

This four-hour course is designed to teach the novice gun handler about firearms.  This is a non-shooting class during which handguns and long guns will be used with inert training ammunition to teach you how to safely handle firearms

Cost:  $95.00

Prerequisite:  None

Basic Defensive Handgun (Level 1 handgun Training)

This is a 6-hour, introductory course that focuses on basic pistol skills.  Safe weapon handling, range operations, and fundamentals of marksmanship are introduced.  Perfect for spouses, parents and children to enroll and train together!  Revolvers are also welcome!

Cost:  $130.00

Ammo requirement:  100 rounds

Prerequisite:  None

Ladies Only Handgun (Level 1 handgun Training)

This 6-hour course is designed to provide for the same instructions as our Basic Defensive Handgun course, but in a women-only, “no-machismo” setting.  As with our Basic Defensive Handgun, revolvers are accepted into this class.

Cost:  $130.00

Ammo requirement:  100 rounds         

Prerequisite:  None

Level 2 Handgun

A 6-hour follow-up to your Basic Defensive Handgun or Ladies Only Handgun training will have you spending most of your time performing drills that enhance the marksmanship and weapon handling that you have already learned.  Refresh your Level 1 skills and begin shooting accurately from the proper draw, shooting while moving, and tactical reloads.

Cost $185.00

Ammo requirement:  200 rounds

Prerequisite:  Patriot Level 1 handgun or equivalent.  Trainees must possess a handgun with three loading devices (magazines or speed loaders, a sturdy belt and a strong-side hip holster.

Level 3 Handgun

This 8-hour course emphasizes control of the situation. We teach “thinking” before getting into the soup.  Special circumstances and movement drills are used to challenge the student to execute pistol fundamentals perfectly while under stress.  Shooting from cover and non-typical positions are stressed.

Cost:  $205.00

Ammo requirement:  500 rounds

Prerequisite:  Patriot Level 1 and Level 2 handgun training or equivalent (proof required)

Basic Defensive Shotgun / Basic Shotgun Certification

This course will provide 8 hours of instruction for the novice shotgun student in the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe use of a shotgun in a defensive capacity.  This course will serve Pennsylvania Police Officers as an annual certification.

Cost:  $165.00

Ammo requirement: 100 shot / 25 slug

Prerequisite:  Patriot Level 1 handgun or equivalent.

Level 1 Carbine

Spend 8-hours learning from the ground-up with respect to your M-16 / AR-15 / M4 weapon platform.  We will cover basic handling, proper marksmanship, cleaning, and methods of rifle use.  This course will build on pistol marksmanship, progressing into the rifle.  

Cost:  $165.00

Ammo requirement:  300 rifle / 50 pistol

Prerequisite:  Patriot Level 1 handgun or equivalent.

Working the Carbine / *Working the Pistol

This 16-hour rifle course is instructed over two consecutive days, and is designed to provide for a greater level of rifle handling and training.  Students must have completed Patriot Level “1” Rifle or equivalent.  This is a shooting course that is physical in nature, and is not designed as a novice training session.  Students are expected to have a firm grasp of firearms safety and must be competent with their rifles and pistols at all times.  Stress and timed drills, accurate speed, round accountability, use of cover, and non-typical shooting positions are some of the topics.

Cost:  $285.00

Ammo requirement:  1500 rifle / 300 pistol

Prerequisite:  Patriot Level 1 Carbine or equivalent
/or/ Patriot Level 3 Pistol or equivalent

*If you are enrolling in the pistol version of this course, you will need 1000 pistol FMJ rounds, and 300 frangible rounds

Less Lethal Shotgun Certification

This 8-hour course will provide instruction for stopping the aggressive subject with less-lethal ammunition in accordance with the Lamperd Less Lethal (R) Lesson Plan.  Students are required to pass a written and practical exam.

Cost:  $275.00

Ammo requirement:  None (provided)

Prerequisite:  None

Taser® CEW Certification

Eight hours of Taser® certified instruction for entry-level users.  Trainees will be given training in accordance with the Taser® Lesson Plan and curriculum.

Cost:  $125.00 – student provides cartridges / $195.00 we provide cartridges

Prerequisite:  None

MPOETC Retired Law Enforcement Identification Act ---OR---
Police Officer Daylight Pistol Certification

If you meet the requirements set forth by the law, this course will certify you in accordance with the Federal and State law to carry a concealed weapon in all 50 states.

Cost:  $95.00 per person

Prerequisite:  Meet the definition of "retired law enforcement officer" in the applicable statutes and be in possession of compliant identification card for RLEIA Qualification / Possess current Act 120 Certification for daylight pistol qualification.

Disaster Preparedness

For those who want to have a leg-up in case of an emergency... regardless of whether you are simply snowed-in, stuck in highway traffic with no way out for several hours, or caught in a bona-fide crisis, this course will give you some ideas on how to get you and your family ready.  Considerations include:  transportation, shelter, food, water, recreation, safety, first aid, and much, much more. 

Cost:  95.00

Prerequisite:  Open-mindedness!!!

New - Hire Firearms Assessment

Independent verification of the safe weapon handling ability and fundamental marksmanship skills of a newly hired employee.  Available to all law enforcement and private security firms.

Cost:  $125.00 per person

Prerequisite:  Pennsylvania Act 235 or commensurate certificaiton
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