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We offer private and group classes for you, your family, or your organization.

We concentrate on simple, effective movements, that don't require a lot of practice or "secrets" to get the job done.

Big, easy "gross motor skill" body movements are the key.

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Traditional Okinawan Karate

Since 1986, I have trained in martial arts.  I have trained in several styles or systems.

I have earned my third degree black belt in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu, Matsubayashi.  I have also earned my first degree black belt in Ju-jitsu.

Although some schools teach these as separate arts,
this is a drastic mistake.

Okinawa is arguably the "birthplace" of the martial arts as they are taught today.  Originally it was known as Ryukyu kempo, which can be "divided" into kyusho-jitsu and tuite-jitsu.

Kyusho is the method or manner of attacking the pressure points or vital points within the body.  Tuite is the art of grappling or controlling your opponent.  Jitsu is translated as art or fighting art. 

Unfortunately, most of the karate schools you find are interested in the "modernization" of the traditional movements because the "instructors" don't understand the true basis of the movements.  This is because most karate schools teach a modified version of the junior high school physical education curriculum for which "karate-do" was developed.

We focus on traditional kata, also known as "forms" in some styles or systems.  Kata are pre-arranged fighting sequences against one or more opponents.  They are intended to be broken down into the concentric circles of engagement ranges.  This where most schools and their instructors fall terribly short.

I frequently hear about the lack of "fighting application" in kata, and have to be disappointed, because that is the most uneducated statement one can make. 

The system of Shorin-Ryu I teach is a synthesis of the movements found within the kata, and practical fighting skills based on them leading to striking, grappling, pressure point attacks, and many other techniques.  Kata teaches you to distract, stun, or soften your opponent, then attack them. 

This is how it was meant to be!

Remember:  this is a martial ("of or relating to war or soldiers") art.

Kata is not only awesome physical training, but once you learn that each move has application in the three arenas of fighting; percussion, grappling, and throwing, your understanding of the system grows deeper, and you begin to realize that lifelong dedication will be required for complete understanding of the true martial arts.

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